What USA*Engage Stands For

1. America's values and interests are best advanced by sustained involvement in world affairs by both the public and private sectors.

2. The expansion of free market economies and rising living standards are crucial ingredients for political freedom and respect for human rights.

3. Challenges to U.S. interests and the rule of law should be addressed as much as possible in concert with our allies and trading partners.

4. The U.S. Government should adopt a standard of ongoing accountability, so that unilateral foreign policy sanctions are evaluated by:

• Whether they achieve their intended results.
• The potential sacrifice of other national interests.
• The costs imposed upon Americans in terms of lost jobs and reduced incomes.

American values are best advanced by the engagement of American business and agriculture in the world, not by ceding markets to foreign competition. Fostering the rule of law, training workers, building infrastructure, developing health-care systems and promoting the free exchange of goods improves the lives of people worldwide and supports American values. Too often the emotion of domestic political debate creates pressure to make symbolic gestures that obscure the real difference made by American companies.

Sanctions Policy Reform Act of 1998