USA*Engage Welcomes Recent Developments in U.S.-Iran Relations

Tuesday, 1 October 2013
Washington, DC – Following last Friday’s conversation between U.S. President Barack Obama and recently elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, USA*Engage Director Richard Sawaya today released the following statement:

“The United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran may be entering a new phase of diplomatic engagement, one which has not existed for decades. We recognize the recent contacts at several levels of government as important steps forward, including the call last week between the two presidents.

“While it is too early to declare that the process of détente is underway, the increased diplomatic activity between the two governments is encouraging.

“As U.S. and Iranian leaders work to advance increased dialogue and meaningful discourse on Iran’s nuclear program and other regional issues, we urge Congress to refrain from taking any further action, specifically enacting additional unilateral sanctions, which would very likely stifle progress. As Churchill opined, ‘to jaw jaw is better than to war war.’”