NFTC & USA*Engage Welcome Senate Appropriations Committee Approval of Cuba Amendments

Friday, 24 July 2015
Washington, DC – Today, the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) and USA*Engage welcomed Senate Appropriations Committee approval of a series of positive Cuba amendments.

“We applaud Senators Jerry Moran, Jon Tester and John Boozman for their leadership in sponsoring amendments that build on actions taken by the Administration to improve and strengthen U.S.-Cuba relations,” said Jake Colvin, NFTC Vice President for Global Trade Issues. “We also commend those senators who supported these amendments, which enable increased travel, trade and commerce between the two countries and the American and Cuban people – a priority we have long advocated.”

“Putting the relic of the unilateral U.S. embargo against Cuba behind us is in the strategic interests of both hemispheres, and today, we are pleased to see the Senate Appropriations Committee taking steps toward that ultimate goal,” said Richard Sawaya, Vice President of USA*Engage. “We will continue to work with members of Congress and the Administration to fully reestablish commercial and diplomatic relations with Cuba.”

The three amendments would 1) lift the travel ban to Cuba for one year; 2) end the requirement that ships having docked in Cuba wait 180 days before unloading in the United States; and 3) allow private financing of agricultural exports to Cuba.