USA*ENGAGE Tops 500 Mark in Membership

Wednesday, 4 June 1997

"The rapid growth of this coalition demonstrates a deep concern by a broad range of Americans that our government is relying too heavily on the use of unilateral sanctions as a primary tool for achieving its foreign policy goals," said Frank Kittredge, Vice Chairman of USA*ENGAGE and President of the National Foreign Trade Council. "As an alternative to ineffective and counterproductive unilateral sanctions, this coalition strongly advocates increased U.S. engagement abroad as a method for advancing democracy, human rights, and American values."

USA*ENGAGE includes among its members leading American agriculture and business associations - which themselves represent thousands of members. These organizations include the National Foreign Trade Council, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the National Farm Bureau Federation.

USA*ENGAGE is undertaking a sustained effort to support greater overseas involvement by the United States at all levels -- political, diplomatic, economic, charitable, religious, educational and cultural -- and to seek alternatives to the use of unilateral sanctions.


Contact: Eric Thomas or Kim McCreery at 202-822-9491