CEO Letter Expresses Broad Support for Sanctions Reform Legislation

Thursday, 4 March 1999

"Even though unilateral sanctions rarely work, and in fact are often counterproductive, the United States continues to alienate some of its closest allies and trading partners with the widespread and often misplaced use of unilateral and extraterritorial sanctions. The consequences of these sanctions undermine key strategic partnerships, often damage U.S. businesses and workers, and run counter to America's international obligations," said the letter signed by Richard J. Swift Chairman, President & CEO, Foster Wheeler Corporation and Chairman of the National Foreign Trade Council; Philip M. Condit, Chairman & CEO, The Boeing Company, and Chairman of The Business Roundtable International Trade and Investment Task Force; and Ernest S. Micek, Chairman & CEO, Cargill, Inc., and Chairman of the Emergency Committee for American Trade.

"By working with the leaders of the sanctions reform movement in Congress, the Administration can ensure that strong, bipartisan legislation to advance U.S. foreign policy interests -- while protecting American workers and farmers from unfair burdens -- is adopted," the letter continued. To see a copy of the CEO letter click here.