USA*ENGAGE Supports Easing of Some U.S. Sanctions on North Korea

Thursday, 15 June 2000

Kittredge commended South Korean leader Kim Dae Jung for his efforts to open ties with North Korea. "If South Korea wants to engage with the North, the United States should do whatever it can to facilitate that goal," he said.

In his comments Kittredge emphasized that USA*ENGAGE was not calling for a complete lifting of the trade embargo on North Korea. "Serious military concerns must be addressed before U.S. security interests are satisfied, but nevertheless, an important step has been taken," he said. "Diplomatic efforts should now be stepped up in an effort to build on this week's progress and further ease tensions."

Kittredge took the opportunity to call on the United States to follow the lead of South Korea, as the U.S. faces a similar opportunity to ease tensions with a hostile neighbor. "Let's learn from the Koreans by opening a dialogue with the government of Cuba," he said. "Engagement is working throughout the world - it can work in our backyard too."

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