USA*ENGAGE Urges Senate to Oppose China Nonproliferation Act

Friday, 7 July 2000

"Unilateral sanctions are almost always ineffective," Kittredge said. "The bill is particularly flawed because targeting China will only jeopardize current Chinese cooperation with multilateral non-proliferation efforts. In addition, the bill would impose export restrictions on U.S. companies, which would seem to punish U.S. businesses more than they would punish China. USA*ENGAGE stands firmly opposed to this legislation."

The letter highlighted several reasons to oppose the bill:

    • The bill is unnecessary because the President already has authority to take action in response to unwanted transfers of weapons technology
    • This legislation threatens to cut off export financing and agricultural export credits, as well as deny export licenses for most U.S.-origin technology. These measures would essentially negate many of the benefits the U.S. won in the U.S.-China market access agreement that was completed in November, 1999.
    • The bill would require an annual vote in Congress to decide whether to impose unilateral sanctions against China, which would eliminate a major feature of extending Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) status to China.
    • Congress has not had the opportunity to review the legislation in hearings or committee review.

The full text of the letter is available on the USA*ENGAGE website:

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