USA*Engage Applauds Lifting of U.S. Economic Sanctions on Libya

Thursday, 22 April 2004

"By lifting the nearly twenty-year-old embargo on trade and investment on Libya today, the Bush Administration showed the world that the U.S. wants to help Libya re-engage with the world economy and community. It also sends a clear message to other sanctioned countries that changed policies produce results. Nations now understand that sanctions need not be permanent but in fact are dependent on what course of action the sanctioned governments choose for themselves. There is also a positive practical effect for business. With most economic sanctions lifted, U.S. companies can now join others to invest in a country important to the Middle East for peace and economic prosperity.

"Lifting these sanctions, however, is not the end of the story for Libya and the United States. Our government must continue working with Libya to remove that country from the U.S. state sponsors of terror list, fostering the already-growing relationship of trust between the two nations. Good-faith efforts in recent months to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction and attempts to make amends for past terrorist actions are helping the Libyan government re-establish its global reputation. The U.S. must continue responding to these efforts, which will help make the Middle East a safer place for all nations. This new relationship with Libya is crucial to that country becoming a positive force in the region, providing more jobs and security for its people."

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