USA*Engage criticizes squandered opportunity on Cuba

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

“Today the President failed to produce a meaningful plan to start to rebuild the relationship with Cuba and to help the Cuban people. 

“President Bush is right to suggest that this moment presents a unique moment for the Cuban people and that U.S. policy should promote democracy in Cuba.  But it is also a unique opportunity for American policymakers, and it is one that is being squandered.  Today’s stale approach fails to acknowledge that American citizens are the greatest ambassadors of democracy, freedom and hope to the Cuban people.  Our policies make such contact virtually impossible, and threaten to make the United States irrelevant on the island.

“For someone who argued on the campaign trail that trade with China will promote freedom, and that ‘China is most free where it is most in contact with the world economy,’ the President’s ability to argue the opposite when it comes to Cuba is baffling.”