USA*Engage Welcomes Call for Multilateral Dialogue on Libya

Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Washington, DC – USA*Engage today welcomed a statement released by Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) regarding steps he believes should be taken in response to the ongoing crisis in Libya. USA*Engage issued the following statement.
"We appreciate Senator Kerry's call for the United States to work together with the international community in response to attacks on civilians in Libya by the current regime. As the situation in Libya continues to unfold, it is critical that the United States work with the United Nations and allies around the world to coordinate an appropriate response.
"While it may be tempting to pursue a go-it-alone approach through unilateral sanctions, historically, this has been a failed strategy. Attempts to influence the behavior of the Libyan government and help protect the interests and safety of the Libyan people and others in the country are best pursued through multilateral action.
"This is a time for world leaders to come together to devise policy tools aimed at aiding the people of Libya and to take actions deemed necessary in response to this crisis."