For U.S. Businesses, Itís Safer on the Sidelines of Iran Debate

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Excerpt: ... Richard Sawaya, executive director of USA Engage, a coalition that opposes unilateral sanctions, said, “Everybody is interested, because it’s too big of a country.” Lobbying on the pact, though, is “outside the playing field” for most companies, he said. Under the deal, multilateral sanctions against Iran imposed to curb its nuclear ambitions would gradually lift as the country allows inspectors to tour facilities and sells off uranium that could be used to make weapons. As the sanctions end, the business opportunities will grow. The deal, which was the result of almost two years of talks between Iran and six other countries, allows U.S. airplane companies to sell to Iran, which has a bad aircraft safety record. It also allows Iranian carpets and pistachios access to the U.S. market. Other American businesses will still be restricted under sanctions that were imposed in the 1990s in response to Iran’s alleged support of terrorist activities.

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